Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Singapore Botanic Gardens

For the umpteenth time and more to come, I am a witness to the blessed peace and beauty of the Singapore Botanic Gardens that most working people do not get to enjoy and if they do find themselves in these gardens, they probably do not think that such a garden is necessary to the well-being of the country. For me, I pray for the well-being of our parks and gardens because they reflect our well-being too.

The Swan Lake.

The first time I see the flowers of this water plant.

A swan drifting by like an angel drying its wings. So beautiful.
Strange way for a flower to bloom - on a leaf!

Flowers and fruits of the ginger plant - Galangal.

My friend said these colours make her think of Jamaica.

A red Torch Ginger that is less common than the pink ones in the garden.

My favourite waterfall.

Shaft of rainbow-coloured light that disappeared in a few seconds.

Saraca flowers.
Why does Blogger do this to all my vertical-format photos???
A tall and sturdy palm that has taken years to grow to such a great height.
Revisiting the Illawara tree.

Flowers at the top of the tree.

Pink flowers on the ground that do not belong to this tree.
Close-ups using the maximum zoom.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thoughts evoked by flowers

Feel the life of the flowers
hydrated by the rain
dreading the impending heat
living the moment
not thinking about the future
Exuding a love for life
Beautiful for now
Pearls, beads of tears
coat the petals while the flowers wait
Or perhaps they do not
for flowers do not worry
They shed their temporary persona 
of being flowers when the time comes
To assume a greater responsiiblity
to perpetuate its kind
A duty that bears fruit when the flower disappears
and I move on to look for other flowers
Still enjoying their youth
that are at their most attractive and most alluring

Sweet, subtle fragrance exudes
from this natural bouquet
 Their distant cousins beckon me on
I admire their differences

And I paused to take
a photo of someone's imitation of grass
beautiful in its own way
then moved on to go home
and leave the greenery of this park